If you are reading this, you understand the advantage that can be gained from global sourcing. To realize the full advantage, however, a firm must have an experienced and efficient procurement operation. The consulting firm Booz & Company identified that despite billions in savings realized from global sourcing, there is likely 5 to 10 percent of unrealized savings due to flawed or incomplete procurement systems. Our procurement consulting services create value by helping you realize those savings.

Procurement Structure

Any supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link. The same holds true for procurement operations. Whether you are creating or rebuilding a buying organization, Atlas International Consulting can assess your procurement needs and current capabilities while designing a procurement structure best suited for your firm. Key to this will be the alignment of talent with clear roles, responsibilities and decision rights. Also essential are the processes and technology systems that support an informed and nimble procurement process.


Based on the belief that “what gets measured gets improved upon”, individual and team performance measurements are essential to success in executing a global procurement strategy. Atlas has decades of experience building successful buying teams, and can assist you in building ownership and accountability into your buying organization.