Our Partners

To fulfill our mission of providing significant value through an innovative and collaborative approach,  Atlas has partnered with a number of best-in-class organizations.  These companies share our passion towards achieving excellence across a number of related trade and supply chain disciplines.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Logility is a leading supplier of collaborative solutions to optimize the supply chain. Award-winning supply chain applications enable suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and carriers to collaborate and synchronize their demand management, forecasting, supply planning, sourcing, production, warehouse and transportation operations.

SPS Commerce is the retail industry’s largest trading community with more than 60,000 customers in over 50 countries. With tens of thousands of partners across the globe, SPS Commerce strives to perfect their trading partner relationships.


Panjiva helps buyers qualify a list of suppliers, keep track of competitors and current supply chain, track global trade trends, and access shipment data for detailed analysis. The service gathers records of US Imports, US Exports, and Latin American Data into one search interface designed to help logistics professionals track commodities, monitor ports, monitor competitors, and develop sales leads lists.